Monthly trading days the first Saturday of each month beginning November 3, 2018. Location for November will be Quail Point Hunt Club, beginning at 8 am.

Price will be $35 for two birds. Additional birds may be purchased for $15 each. Please pre-pay via PayPal at, using the friends and family option.

Additional training days leading up to the test will be on Feb. 23rd at Hastings Island at 8AM and March 16th at Camanche Hills (test site!) at 10AM.  Please try to attend both these days if you're planning on running in a test this spring!

Please contact Jeff King (530-979-6648) by the Friday before the scheduled training day if you plan on attending.

2018-2019 Training Schedule


It is our goal to have a welcoming and fun training environment. It is our desire to facilitate positive training sessions and techniques for the handlers and their dogs to improve their hunting skills or help them reach their full potential as a well trained team.

We are lucky enough to have some of the Northern California's top trainers of versatile hunting dogs. These trainers have decades of experience in training dogs and have run dogs in NAVHDA's NA, UPT, UT and at the NAVHDA Invitational, including AKC and NSTRA tests and trials. These talented trainers are willing to volunteer their time to not only work with your pups and dogs, but to also work with you. Giving you more tools to develop and train your pup on your own.

We not only have professional trainers at our training days, but we also have a network of experienced handlers. These folks have hands on experience in training and testing their own pups. Our chapter is pro-active in sharing our experience and knowledge with others in our membership. We feel we're part of the NAVHDA family and everyone benefits from leaning and working together.